We are Adderbee.

Being a relatively small company (formerly Project Elipson), we like to think we are approachable and friendly; we hate pushy sales – we find friendly conversations and informative advice much more effective.


This is where we pull up some chairs, take out our pens, shut up and listen. The sorts of things we like to know are who you are, where you are at the moment, and where you want to go. We like to hear your ideas and discover what you want. These initial discussions help us to understand your business and your goals. After this initial contact we will then generate a quote, brief and written agreement for you so everything is crystal clear.


With all the knowledge gleaned, we then go away and do a little research. What appeals to your target market? How can we best attract them? What are the competition doing and how can we go one better? These are all things we will research in regards to your project. We then go through a creative process to generate ideas, which we then send to you by email or upload them to your very own web viewing area where you can view and download the artwork for assessment.


So with the prototype concept agreed we then get on and implement it, applying it for final output. For print we produce artwork for professional printing and for web or multimedia we ensure the design is coded and produced to the highest standards. When we are finished we will send you a final proof of the work to be signed off before we send it to print or launch it on the web.


Our team is also dedicated to continued support for our clients – even after a project has been completed. Several ongoing maintenance and assessment packages are available whereby we analyze the work and impact/effect it has had several months after implementation. Reports can be generated which outline ways that you can further utilize our design concepts to further their effectiveness.